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Favourite doco kit

Warwick Burton

Everyone has their own favourite doco kit - and of course it depends a lot of what you are trying to achieve. But for many scenarios I think you can't look past the Canon C300 or the newer Canon C300 Mark ii - affordable, reliable and renowned their picture quality.

I recently shot some pickups with a C300 using a nice old 58mm Helios lens - adding to a vintage feeling in the shots. I have to say though I really noticed the lack of in-lens image stablization when I took the camera off the tripod (compared with say a Canon 24-105). 

I liked this article about Vice magazines approach to kit for shooting news around the world.

What's your favourite doco kit?

Kessler Cineslider - set up and test

Warwick Burton

We really liked this test of the Kessler Cineslider. While movement is best when it is motivated by the action (rather than slow moves across trees) - that is often a pretty easy thing to accomplish - just have your subject walk! Having a foreground object also really boosts that feeling that you are revealing something special to your audience.

We've seen the Cineslider used for a really wide range of content types - from drama to natural history, to timelapse shots of the Northern Territory skies (which the slider excels at when paired with the Oracle controller). 

Watch the video (thanks to Wonderkind studios):




David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef

Warwick Burton

Filmed over 2 years using what looks like some incredible technology (plus C300 and GoPro kits from Bondi Camera) David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef is now starting to be broadcast around the world.

I remember how influential David Attenborough's Life on Earth series was for me (the book of the same name was one of my first purchases as a kid) and am sure this program will inspire the current generation of kids to be more interested in the natural world and the importance of protecting it.

The video below is not a trailer for the program but it was filmed at the same time and does give a good indication of what went into telling this story. 

Inspiration for Go(ing) Pro

Warwick Burton

If you ever needed inspiration to get out there and make something amazing with a go pro (and a drone, a gimbal, some awesome ramps, a few other camera tricks, and an insanely talented bike rider) then look no further than this: